Little Bertha Update – COVID-19

We’re so grateful for your support, (we’d give you a cuddle, but, you know…)

We’ve decided the best way to approach this challenge is with an open mind and an open heart.  First things first:  How are you going? Please feel free to reach out if there is something you think Little Bertha may be able to help you with or your local community.

The coronavirus has changed everything – that almost goes without saying. And of the many lessons we’ve learned over this period of massive change, one of the most striking has been just how important clear communication and up-to-the-minute information is at times like this.  In light of the evolution of COVOID-19, here is an update from the team at Little Bertha and some frequently asked questions.

Little Bertha is a HACCP approved facility and we have implemented very strict controls around COVID-19.  These include stringent sanitation and hygiene procedures, segregation of teams and additional training by our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Auditor.  We have experienced an increase in demand for home deliveries. Because of this, we are working hard to anticipate challenges and prepare plans to ensure that we can continue to provide you with exceptional service. All deliveries are with our own refrigerated vans that are HACCP Certified and PrimeSafe approved.  Below are some of the steps we’re taking to minimize potential issues.

Adjusted Delivery Timelines

We are striving to have deliveries to our customers at their preferred time/date, but we please ask customers to be patient, as we may have to move deliveries based on high demand.  We also may not be in your area on the particular day you have ordered for. We will do our very best to accommodate every member of our community however we may need to adjust your delivery day. Rest assured, this we will always be communicated to you in advance.

Early Deliveries

We may be in your area very early so any additional information you can provide in the comments section of your order with regards to access and drop off point will enable us to provide you with the best possible service.  You may have ordered items that are required to be chilled, for example our meat lasagne.  In the event of an early delivery time an esky or cool box left outside would ensure it stays chilled prior to you popping it in the fridge.

Visitors / Drive through Pick Up

Little Bertha is doing everything possible to mitigate COVOID-19.  Our kitchen in Abbotsford will remain open for takeaway and as a no-contact drive-through grocer.  And we’re coming up with new ideas every day.

Recently, we have increased measures to prohibit entry to our facilities for team members or visitors that may have been in contact with infected persons, albeit not showing any symptoms. In addition, we clearly communicate to team members and visitors about how to protect themselves and their environments against contracting or further spreading the virus.

We have implemented a new no contact drop off zone for suppliers.  We are monitoring the coronavirus situation to ensure our policies are being strictly followed and to appropriately adapt these policies as the current situation evolves.

Delivery Safety

We have given our delivery drivers special instructions on hygiene and delivery protocol. Our deliveries are in our own fleet of refrigerated vans and drivers are taking all appropriate steps to ensure they are protecting themselves and our customers.

What happens when drivers visit a home that is in self-isolation? As this may pose a risk to them.

Customers are able to set special instructions for their delivery so the driver has clear instructions on where to safely leave the product if the customer isn’t home or available for any reason. Often customers and drivers won’t physically interact, and customers retrieve their product when it is convenient.

The World Health Organisation has said it is highly unlikely that the virus will persist on a surface after being moved, travelling and being exposed to different conditions and temperatures.


Thank you for your support

We hope we can do our bit to bring a bit of joy (or at the very least sweetness) to people – especially the most vulnerable people in our community – who are bored or lonely or doing it tough at home.

The last thing we want to say is a sincere thanks.  We genuinely appreciate your support and love delivering baked treats direct to your door.

We wish you the very best in these strange and uncomfortable times and we hope, above all else, that you, your family and the people you care for stay well.


Talk to you soon (but maybe not in person for a while),

The Little Bertha Team x